September 23, 2012 admin

Guest speakers at SPAA

logo-SPAATrudi-Ann Tierney and Muffy Potter are guest speakers at this years Screen Producers Association, Australia (SPAA) annual conference. They will be joining a panel discussing conflict and development media. Below is some information about the panel or you can visit the SPAA website for more information.

Along with soldiers and artillery, one of the first weapons now being brought into conflict zones is media. Gone are the days when changing ‘hearts and minds’ entailed a simple public service announcement. Conflict media is now a largely untapped multimillion dollar industry that has investors from many organisations including the UN, US State Department, USAID, UN Development Program and individual embassies contributing to projects like drama productions, films and documentaries.

All these investors need the media to inform, engage, promote messaging, capacity build the local broadcast industry and document their initiatives. How do you tap in to this growing industry? Meet two Australian producers who have been leading the charge in this field for the last few years in Afghanistan, and get an insight into this new, niche, production market.