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Trudi-Ann Tierney’s Debut Book, “Making Soapies in Kabul,” released by Allen & Unwin

Soapies cover

In March 2014 Trudi-Ann Tierney’s memoir “Making Soapies in Kabul,” was released in Australia and New Zealand.  The book documents the 3.5 years that Trudi and Muffy Potter spent in Afghanistan making television drama serials for local audiences.

Her crazy and dangerous 3.5 years in a war zone are revealed in delightfully dramatic detail in “Making Soapies in Kabul”.

Blanche Clark, Herald-Sun

One of the pleasures of the book is Tierney’s openness, her upfront manner and her willingness to laugh at herself…Nothing goes smoothly, but this only adds to the tale’s chaotic charm.

Fiona Capp, Sydney Morning Herald

Muffy Potter – Keynote Speaker, Broadcast Worldwide Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2013

In early September, Muffy Potter was a keynote speaker at the World Writers Conference, part of the BCWW in Seoul. Muffy’s address included discussions about trends in both Australian and international drama content.

Muffy also moderated a session looking at global marketing strategies for selling drama content. Speakers on the panel included Firat Gulgan, CEO of Calinos -Turkey; Fadi Ismal, MBC – UAE; Ms Lucero Suarez, Producer, Televisa -Mexico; Sun Rong CEO, Lifelike – China, Art D. Kaneearch, BEC Ch 3 – Thailand and Hae-Ryong Jung, Head of Drama Center, KBS Media – Korea. BCWW

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