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Social Media Campaign for In Love & Ashes Begins

The social media campaign for In Love & Ashes – a Nigerian television drama which Muffy and Trudi helped write and produce – is currently being rolled out across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the lead up to the series’ broadcast. A central theme of the show is internally displaced persons (IDP) in the North East of the country, and the above video describes the current situation.

PIOTP Supporting the Work of the Favoured Sisters Christian Foundation in Nigeria

The Boko Haram insurgency has resulted in close to 2,000,000 Nigerians being driven from their homes. Half of the internally displaced are children, with an estimated 20,000 currently separated from their families.

The Favoured Sisters Christian Foundation in Jos, headed by Naomi Mankilik, is home to 241 children who have been orphaned by the conflict in north-east Nigeria.

The orphanage was a primary filming location for the television drama series In Love & Ashes and Muffy and Trudi witnessed first-hand the incredible work that Naomi and her small team are doing to accommodate, feed and educate the children in their care.

Despite its great work, the Foundation receives no government funding and relies on private donations to continue its mission. PIOTP is committed to providing financial support to the orphanage and can vouch for the positive impact that any gifted money makes on the lives of these children. Please contact us if you’d like to help.

Muffy Potter hosts Producing Masterclass at the Nigerian Film Institute

PIOTPs Muffy Potter and the Producing Masterclass she taught at the Nigerian Film Institute.

PIOTPs Muffy Potter and the Producing Masterclass she taught at the Nigerian Film Institute.

While based in Jos, Nigeria working on their latest television project, Muffy had the great pleasure of hosting a Producing Masterclass for over a hundred students at the Nigerian Film Institute.

Her 3-hour interactive lecture covered a variety of topics from raising finance, budgeting, casting, production and postproduction to visual effects, broadcast and marketing. “Often the best way to teach the principals of producing is to use real-world anecdotal examples of my own experiences,” Muffy says. “I very much explain what happens when things go right and when things wrong. A large part of producing is problem-solving and talking through some high-stakes issues I’ve experienced as a producer and what I did to find solutions to those issues can give a greater insight into the realities of filmmaking when young people are starting out in the industry.”

Part of the company vision for Put It Out There Pictures is to support young and emerging filmmakers to pursue their career goals. We try to support local educational institutions when traveling to various countries as a way to give back and support local industries.

PIOTP Currently in Post-Production of Nigerian Drama Serial Funded by USAID/OTI

Put It Out There Pictures is currently in the post-production phase of an 8-part drama serial funded by USAID/OTI for broadcast on Nigerian television, entitled In Love & Ashes.

Acting as Media Consultants for Creative Associates International, Muffy and Trudi recently spent five months in Nigeria working with local production company, Watershed Entertainment, to devise, script and produce the show. They also worked with a local agency to develop and implement an extensive, strategic social media campaign to promote the series and the themes of the show.

In Love & Ashes will air nationally across Nigeria in early 2018.

2016 Seoul International Drama Awards

The telemovie ‘Journey’ received the Jury’s Special Prize at the 2016 Seoul International Drama Awards. This year’s competition attracted 270 entries from 51 countries, and Muffy and Trudi together with the film’s Director, Mohammad Ghorbankarimi, attended the ceremony in South Korea on September 8 to accept the award.

PIOTPs Muffy Potter and Trudi-Ann Tierney with 'Journey' director Mohammad Ghorbankarimi at the 2016 Seoul International Drama Awards.

PIOTPs Muffy Potter and Trudi-Ann Tierney with ‘Journey’ director Mohammad Ghorbankarimi at the 2016 Seoul International Drama Awards.

The 2016 Seoul International Drama Awards Jury's Special Prize.

The 2016 Seoul International Drama Awards Jury’s Special Prize awarded to ‘Journey.’

Trudi-Ann Tierney – Panelist; Dramatising Democracy; ‘BBC Day of Democracy’; BBC Radio 3

In January 2015, Trudi-Ann Tierney was invited by BBC to participate in a panel discussion with Author Michael Dobbs, dramatists James Graham and Paula Milne to debate whether dramas aid our understanding of the way governments operate or foster cynicism about democracy. The debate was part of the ‘BBC Day of Democracy’ initiative and was broadcast live on BBC Radio 3.

Put It Out There Pictures Full Statement to ABC’s Lateline Program

This is about people, not politics. People continue to come to Australia to seek a better and safer life, far too often with tragic consequences.  Many of these deaths could have been prevented. Education about the dangers of the trip and the policies that await them if they do reach Australian waters will save people from detention, disappointment and even death.

Film educates and engages like no other medium. It is a powerful and emotional way to explain the complexities of the current policies; the stories it tells moves, connects with its viewers. The impact this film will have on a person’s decision to attempt a journey by boat to Australia cannot be underestimated.

A lot of people do not realise or understand the risks and the realities of coming to Australia by boat. Raising awareness is critical.

Innocent Heart – a new six-part Pashto drama for Afghanistan

The six-part drama serial, Innocent Heart, centres on Kabir, a 12-year-old boy naively manipulated by insurgents into planting an IED that kills three people, including his best friend and his brother-in-law. While the attack itself is visually and emotionally confronting, episodes leading to the tragic event portray a cast of fundamentally good, although sometimes deeply flawed individuals, striving for a better life. Drawn from different ages, genders, educational backgrounds and societal roles, they are all individually and devastatingly affected by the explosion, only heightening the senselessness of Kabir’s actions and the unforeseen sequential chain of events that follows.

The Put It Out There Picture team wrote and produced the series with implementing partner, Kaboora Productions with funding'Innocent Heart' bumper from USAID.


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